DX-pedition MAY 04/05/06/07 2006

The QTH on Mount Leinster proved to be EXTREME. It is a fantastic place
but we did not expect such an extreme weather up there. On our trip to EI
the 18:30 Ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare was canceled because of high
winds and rough sea. We had to wait for the 02:45 sailing. That gave us a
hint already what might expect us up on the mountain.

The 2m and 70cm stations were operated by EI9E/p and suffered from a
damaged 2m antenna from the beginning. This was repaired late Saturday.
The 70cm antennas always turned against each other until they finally could
be secured on Sunday morning. Both antennas were on a 18m tower on
seperate trailers.

The antennas for the microwave bands could not have been mounted without
the help from DH9NBB and DG5NEX. The rotor for the high bands failed
and we had to redesign the setup. So we ended up with the second tower
carrying 23/13/3cm. On Sunday morning we also fixed a tube an attached
the 1,2m dish for 9/6cm. As we did not have elevation there we could not
operate 6cm (feed is mounted above 9cm). This antenna had to be turned
by hand and aimed with help of the 23/13cm system.

After a good start on 23cm Saturday afternoon the power supply of the
amplifier did fail and left us with on 14W from the driver. For 3cm we 
decided not to try the 1,5m dish and only use the 80cm dish. After testing 
the 25W amp and seeing no output we also had to use the 10W station.

Inspite of these problems we had a very nice time with our friends from
EI9E and met great hospitaliy!

Special thanks to Bill, John and Neil for inviting us and helping us
wherever they could.

Many thanks also to Dennis whom we met in IO61 and who is helping us
to prepare an expedition to IO61 in the future.

vy 73,


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